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Biancat™ ReviveLux Deep Scalp Massage Roller (Includes Hair Strengthening Ampoule)

Biancat™ ReviveLux Deep Scalp Massage Roller (Includes Hair Strengthening Ampoule)

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Biancat™ ReviveLux Deep Scalp Massage Roller (Includes Hair Strengthening Ampoule) English ZKZC

Biancat™ ReviveLux Deep Scalp Massage Roller (Includes Hair Strengthening Ampoule)

Regular price $34.97
Regular price $34.97 Sale price
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Invest in your hair, invest in yourself.

Experience the luxury of the Biancat™ ReviveLux Deep Scalp Massage Roller, a revolutionary hair wellness system. The massager is designed ergonomically to penetrate deep into the scalp, stimulating blood circulation and invigorating the hair roots. Additionally, each massager comes with a Hair Strengthening Ampoule, a potent formula that fortifies your hair from root to tip, promotes hair growth, and prevents hair breakage. 

Discover the Secret to a Revitalized Scalp

Often, we overlook the importance of our scalp health, focusing more on the effects of shampoos, conditioners, and hair products on our hair. However, a small shift in your hair care routine can significantly enhance your scalp's health. By understanding how to properly care for your scalp, you can not only improve its wellbeing but also elevate your peace of mind, and potentially, your confidence. Start your journey to a healthier scalp today - because a healthy scalp is the foundation of beautiful hair. 

Transformative Hair Growth: Real Users, Real Results

"I couldn't be happier with the results. The massage roller is user-friendly and fits snugly in my hands. After around 28 days of use, I've already witnessed a noticeable improvement in my hair growth. It's gentle on my scalp, causing no irritation or discomfort. I can't recommend this product enough for anyone seeking an effective solution to hair loss." - Portia Larkin, 36 

"Within just one month, I saw my hair becoming thicker and healthier. I couldn't be more pleased with my results. The roller has also proven great for melting away stress and promoting relaxation. The accompanying instructions were straightforward and the ampoule has been a real treat for my scalp. I'm absolutely in love with it!" - Tarah Peters, 32 

Did you know that each hair on your head is designed to go through 25 cycles in its lifetime? The secret lies in the hair follicle, nestled in the dermis, acting as a 'sack' for the hair. It's within this matrix where the magic of cell division happens. Now, you can tap into this natural process with Biancat™ ReviveLux Deep Scalp Massage Roller (Includes Hair Strengthening Ampoule). Power up your hair growth naturally, wash away stress, and enjoy the fusion of advanced technology and user-friendly design. Perfect for all hair types, Biancat™ ReviveLux is the ultimate ally for a healthier, fuller mane. Take the plunge! 

How Does It Work?

The Biancat™ ReviveLux Deep Scalp Massage Roller (Includes Hair Strengthening Ampoule) is designed to evenly infuse your favorite oils and serums right into your roots. This ensures that every precious drop of hair ampoule is fully utilized, promoting enhanced absorption and optimum scalp health. Turn your hair care routine into a luxurious moment of relaxation and self-care. By delivering essential nutrients directly to your scalp, it boosts overall hair strength, vitality, and resilience. 

Revolutionizing Hair Care: Key Features & Exciting Highlights of the Biancat™ ReviveLux Massager

Deep Scalp Revitalisation: Our device comes equipped with flexible balls that deliver a soothing electric massage, reaching deep into your scalp for a tranquil experience.

Direct To The Roots: The hair oil applicator ensures precise delivery of liquids or oils straight to your hair roots, preventing unnecessary wastage and maintaining cleanliness throughout the process. It's suitable for a range of products, including minoxidil, conditioner, essential oils, and more.

Precision & Efficiency: Distribute hair oils and growth-enhancing products evenly to your roots, ensuring better absorption without any spills or mess.

Measured Dosage & Waterproof: Comes with a 6 ml storage box marked with a clear scale for accurate dosage measurement and waste prevention. The scalp massager is waterproof and can be rinsed directly after use.

Quick Charge & High Vibration: With a Type-C charging cable, you can fully charge the scalp massager in just one hour. The device vibrates intensively, promoting blood circulation in the head with an impressive frequency of up to 10,000 times per minute.

Comfortable & Portable: Designed with a non-slip surface, the lightweight and compact size of the scalp massager makes it easy to handle and carry with you wherever you go. 

How to Use


Material: ABS

Operating Voltage: 3.7V

Charging Voltage: DC 5V

Maximum Power: 0.32W

Battery Capacity: 150mAh

Tank Capacity: 6ml

Size: 55x30x70mm

Ampoule Weight: 2ml

Package Inclusion:

Biancat™ ReviveLux Deep Scalp Massage Roller

Biancat™ Instant Hair Strength Ampoule

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