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Biancat™ MaxAttraction Perfume

Biancat™ MaxAttraction Perfume

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Bring out the alpha male in you, get her attention with this MaxAttraction Perfume!

Contains with natural human pheromones that mixes with your body chemistry to intensify sex appeal and attract the opposite sex.

Also contains Androstadienone, Copulin and Androsterone which help to enhance the romance with your partner.

Gives you an attractive, seductive and irresistible scent from morning ‘till night!


  • ROMANCE BOOSTER: Formulated with the most potent and powerful pheromone that affects moods and improve your interpersonal relationships.

  • TURN HEADS: Has a unique manly and attractive scent. Once she comes close, your smell will cast a spell.
  • INCREASES SEX APPEAL: Enhance your natural pheromone production which inspires desire, increases sex appeal, and enhance romance.
  • APPLY IT YOUR WAY: Alluring scent that you can wear it alone or layer it with your favorite perfume/cologne.
  • AROMATIC SCENT: Rich & silky texture for the perfect massages. Enjoy calming aroma in the bath.


  • Weight: 45ml
  • Scent: Sweet Attraction, Ocean Temptation




  • 1 x MaxAttraction Perfume

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