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Ceoerty™ UltraVision Portable Night Vision Telescope

Ceoerty™ UltraVision Portable Night Vision Telescope

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Begin your extraordinary journey of exploring the cosmos with the Ceoerty™ UltraVision Portable Night Vision Telescope. Let superior optical devices, a wide-angle view, and high-definition image quality lead you through the stars and unlock the beauty of the universe. Whether immersing in the astonishing celestial landscapes or revealing the mysteries of the night sky through integrated night vision technology, Ceoerty™ UltraVision breaks observational boundaries, offering an unparalleled viewing experience. From this moment, uncover the secrets of the universe and illuminate your starry journey with Ceoerty™ UltraVision.

Product Features:
Exceptional Optics:

  • BAK4 Prism: Utilizing top-grade BAK4 prisms, ensuring maximum light transmission efficiency to provide an unparalleled observation experience in clarity and brightness.
  • Multi-layer Broadband Coating: Advanced multi-layer broadband coating technology significantly reduces reflection and scattering, making images more vivid, with stronger contrast and true colors.

Wide-Angle View: 
Star Clusters, Nebulae, and Distant Galaxies: The wide-angle view captures a broader celestial landscape in one frame, easily exploring the complex details of star clusters, nebulae, and distant galaxies.

High-Definition Image Quality:

Optical Devices and Precision Engineering: Combining advanced optical devices and precision engineering, it offers an amazing HD experience, opening a window to the beauty of the universe."

Night Vision Capability

Integrated Night Vision Technology: The night vision capability, integrating advanced technology, allows you to delve into observing the night sky even under low-light conditions, revealing elusive celestial phenomena and bringing the mysteries of the night to your eyes.

Waterproof and Durable

Reliable Waterproof Technology: Equipped with reliable waterproof technology, ensuring stable and dependable operation in various weather conditions, allowing you to observe without weather constraints.

Tripod Mounting Compatibility
Enhanced Stability and Ease of Use: Attach to a tripod to improve the telescope's stability, enabling you to easily and precisely align with your target and enjoy a more comfortable experience throughout your stargazing journey.

User-Friendly Design

Intuitive Controls and Ergonomic Design: Featuring simple, intuitive controls that adhere to ergonomic principles, making it easy for star watchers of all levels to explore the mysteries of the cosmos.

User Feedback
Feedback from stargazers:

“This telescope's wide-angle view allows me to experience the boundless beauty of the universe in the night sky. The night vision function enables me to observe elusive celestial phenomena. It truly is a breathtaking observational experience!”--Daniel Robinson

Feedback from wildlife observers:

“The night vision function allows me to observe wildlife activities in low-light conditions. This is a tremendous benefit for wildlife observers!”--Dylan Green

Feedback from urban nightscape observers

"Whether admiring city nightscapes or attending concerts, this telescope's outstanding optical features provide me with a stunning visual feast."--Luna Taylor

Package Contents:
1 x Ceoerty™ UltraVision Portable Night Vision Telescope
1 x Tripod Kit
1 x Storage Bag
1 x Cleaning Cloth and Cleaning Cloth Lanyard

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