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Ceoerty™ TechPRO Wireless CarPlay

Ceoerty™ TechPRO Wireless CarPlay

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Stay connected, stay entertained – Ceoerty™ TechPRO Wireless CarPlay, where innovation meets convenience for the modern driver!

“Ceoerty™ TechPRO Wireless CarPlay has revolutionized my driving experience. No more tangled wires – just seamless connectivity. Effortlessly navigate, answer calls, and access my favorite apps without distraction. A game-changer for modern drivers!" - Lawrence Welke, Atlanta

"TechPRO Wireless CarPlay by Ceoerty™ offers unparalleled wire-free convenience. The setup is a breeze, and the freedom from cables enhances my driving pleasure. An essential upgrade for those who value a clutter-free and connected driving environment.” - Dennis Ruggles, California

Having ng while using your phone?


Accessing maps and music is hard especially when you have to navigate alone. Reaching out for your phone from time to time is really consuming - not to mention traffic and stopovers. Thankfully, wireless devices, apps, etc have become indispensable in our lives, providing us with unparalleled connection at its best. 

Introducing Ceoerty™ TechPRO Wireless CarPlay – the epitome of seamless connectivity and smart driving experience!

Elevate your in-car infotainment with cutting-edge wireless technology. Effortlessly sync your iPhone to your car's display, enjoying a tangle-free connection. Navigate, make calls, access apps, and stream music wirelessly - all while keeping your focus on the road. TechPRO transforms your car into a tech-savvy haven, delivering a premium CarPlay experience without the hassle of cables.

Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto

Smart enough to recognize the model of your phone. Compatible with both Android and Apple phones, making it a great choice for the whole family to use.

Three System Switching at any time

Seamlessly switch between the Android system, wireless CarPlay, and wireless Android Auto at any time.

Automatically connect & Super Performance

The dual-band Wi-Fi and dual-core processor help eliminate lag and provide smooth, real-time connection for seamless gameplay.

Completely paired with your factory car dashboard

Perfectly compatible with your car's factory controls, including voice control, steering wheel control, touch screen control, and knob operation.

More happy customers reviews:

"The effortless integration of Ceoerty™ TechPRO into my vehicle has elevated my daily commute. The ease with which it syncs with my iPhone ensures a smooth and distraction-free driving experience. A must-have for tech-savvy drivers." - Barbara Mellon

"TechPRO is my ultimate tech-savvy travel companion. The wireless connectivity adds a touch of sophistication to my car, making every drive a pleasure. Streamlined and user-friendly, it's a commendable addition to any vehicle."- Monica Silva

Why Choose Ceoerty™ TechPRO Wireless CarPlay?

✓ Support for wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

✓ Your favorite phone features on your dash without the phone ever leaving your pocket or bag

✓ Digital media receiver features a 7″ touchscreen

✓ Fits most 2 DIN openings

✓ Front and Rear Camera Inputs

✓ Suitable for use in 98% of car models

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