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Ceoerty™ Multi-Functional Home Push-Up Board

Ceoerty™ Multi-Functional Home Push-Up Board

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Ceoerty™ Multi-Functional Home Push-Up Board - Multi-purpose integrated training equipment, suitable for men and women for full-body muscle workout, with a focus on strengthening the abdominal muscles and lower back. With just a few minutes of push-ups at home every day, you can build a strong, fit, and attractive physique.

Disadvantages of Equipment-Free Push-Ups:

  1. Places stress on the wrists and elbows, increasing the risk of injury.
  2. Limited variety in training methods, lacking diversity.
  3. Unclear or ineffective results.

The Health Benefits of Daily Push-Ups:

  • Build muscle density
  • Increase functional strength
  • Sculpt the body
  • Improve heart health
  • Boost testosterone production
  • Strengthen bones
  • Promote weight loss

Innovative Design of the Push-Up Board Goes Beyond Tradition:

Unique Feature: This push-up board is a foldable platform that allows users to perform various types of push-ups by changing hand positions.

Flexible Adjustment: By adjusting the handle positions, you can change the angle, intensity, and focus of your push-ups, enabling a comprehensive muscle workout.

Personalized Training: Combining different areas and positions, you can customize a unique push-up training plan to enhance overall physical fitness.

Blue Area: Focuses on chest exercises.

Red Area: Targets shoulder training.

Yellow Area: Concentrates on back exercises.、

Green Area: Strengthens triceps and biceps.

Advanced Features of the Push-Up Board:

Additional Resistance Enhancement: The equipment is equipped with a resistance tube connected to the handles and the board itself, providing continuous tension and resistance for push-ups, making the training more challenging and diverse.

Comprehensive Strength Enhancement: The unique design promotes overall improvement in strength, endurance, and muscle quality, accelerating physical health development.

Integrated Home Gym: This equipment offers full-body workouts anytime, anywhere, suitable for various occasions. It serves multiple purposes, making it a perfect fit for home fitness needs and simplifying your workout equipment.

Additional Advantages:

  1. Portable and Durable, Easy Assembly and Disassembly: Easy to carry and use, equipped with four sets of high-quality spring systems, making it convenient for quick folding, storage, and transportation.
  2. Strong Load-Bearing Capacity: Made from high-quality ABS plastic, it offers excellent stability, durability, and can support up to 300 pounds.
  3. Comfortable and Durable Grips: TPR material handles provide a secure grip that doesn't slip, ensuring full extension during each push-up.
  4. Included Anti-Skid Pads at the Bottom: Floor mats prevent accidental slips, ensuring the quality of your training.
  5. Thickened Material: Reinforced and thickened base for a better training experience, guaranteeing your safety.

Portable Upper Body Workout Equipment - Targeting Chest, Shoulders, Back, and Triceps:

Easy Assembly and Storage: Quick assembly, convenient for storage, suitable for all fitness levels.

Calorie Burning and Strength Enhancement: Effectively burns calories while strengthening the upper body.

Revolutionary Color-Coding System: Innovative 11-inch design with an intuitive and understandable color-coding system, guiding training for different muscle groups.

Alexander Schmidt

Ceoerty™ is simple to use, versatile, and delivers remarkable results. I can perform various types of push-ups at different intensities, effectively targeting every muscle in my chest, shoulders, arms, and back. I especially love the additional resistance bands, which add more challenge and variety to my workouts. In just a few weeks, I've noticeably become stronger and more defined in my upper body. I highly recommend this push-up board to anyone looking to enhance upper body strength and sculpt their physique at home. Its value far exceeds its price!

Nathan Richardson

I've been using the Ceoerty™ Multi-Functional Home Push-Up Board for a month now, and the results are astonishing. It's incredibly easy to set up and use, taking just a few minutes to start a full upper body workout. By switching between different hand positions and areas, I can target specific muscle groups and constantly challenge myself. I can clearly feel a significant improvement in the strength and definition of my upper body. My chest, shoulders, arms, and back are now more solid than ever before. I feel confident and full of energy. This push-up board is a standout investment in my fitness journey. I strongly recommend you give it a try!

The package includes:

  • Ceoerty™ Multi-Functional Home Push-Up Board
  • Anti-slip pads
  • Resistance bands
  • User manual
  • Exercise guide
  • Storage bag

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