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Ceoerty™ EMS Smart Butt Lift Trainer

Ceoerty™ EMS Smart Butt Lift Trainer

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Unleash your body's potential with EMS Smart Butt Lift Trainer. Improve your silhouette with a hip lift that shapes and contours your waist. Boost your confidence and style with EMS Smart Butt Lift Trainer.


Let's take a look at Pauline Wolf 3 week butt lifting journey:


"I was lucky to find this EMS Smart Butt Lift Trainer because I used to worry about sagging hips and the shape of my buttocks. I couldn't wear nice pants and skinny jeans out of shame, let alone a beautiful bikini in the summer. When I saw this product online, I felt the need to buy and use it, and I'm so glad I did as it delivers what it promises!" --- Kristine Bowers


"This EMS Smart Butt Lift Trainer , works amazingly well and leaves my skin feeling very soft! Fortunately I did not have to undergo expensive surgery. I got the same result in less than a cup of tea! My husband loves me more than ever because of my smooth butt cheeks! It is no longer saggy, but beautifully firm! I am infinitely grateful to him!" --- Mäfer Spencer

Easily and effortlessly build the perfect gluteal muscles

This innovative EMS Smart Butt Lift Trainer device is scientifically proven to sculpt and improve the shape of your buttocks while isolating and strengthening the gluteal, hamstring and core muscles. The device features built-in EMS to effortlessly tone and lift your gluteal muscles. With EMS technology, EMS Smart Butt Lift Trainer can help you redefine your butt. It also prevents the deposition of fat under the skin by reducing cellulite.

What exactly causes sagging and flat hips?


The main cause of sagging hips is atrophy of the gluteus maximus muscle. This muscle makes up the majority of the buttocks and is responsible for extending the hips. Flat hips can be the result of a number of lifestyle factors, including prolonged sitting at work or other activities. As we age, the buttocks lose fat and gradually become flatter and lose their shape.

What is EMS technology?


EMS technology stands for electrical muscle stimulation, which uses electrical currents to stimulate the muscles so that they contract and relax. With the Smart Butt Lift Trainer, weak electrical currents are sent to the buttock muscles via electrode patches or embedded devices that simulate the nervous system to send motor signals, resulting in muscle contraction, promoting cell regeneration and tissue repair, and rejuvenating the buttocks.

How does the EMS Smart Butt Lift Trainer work?


Get a firmer butt in just 15 minutes with the EMS Smart Butt Lift Trainer. The trainer uses easy-to-wear, bionic EMS technology to stimulate the body's muscles with low-frequency electrical currents (body-compatible currents) for active muscle contraction and muscle massage, giving you great results in a short time - just like working out at the gym!

Muscle building through gentle stimulation


EMS Smart Butt Lift Trainer is an electronic device for tightening and firming the buttocks. Using EMS waves, it stimulates the tissues, promotes better blood circulation and oxygenation, and helps to improve the elasticity of the skin. This natural solution effectively improves the buttocks, tightens the skin, reduces the formation of cellulite and prevents flabby buttocks and other problems.

With 6 modes and 10 intensity levels

EMS Smart Butt Lift Trainer is an EMS muscle stimulator for tightening and toning the buttocks, hips and thighs. Thanks to its slim design, it can be used in public places such as work or commuting. It offers 6 stimulation modes and 10 intensity levels and uses scientifically proven bionic microcurrents to target glutes, hamstrings, core and hip stability.

What makes Ceoerty™ EMS Smart Butt Lift Trainer so special?

  • Firms the buttocks for a fuller, more toned appearance.
  • EMS transmits the signals directly to the muscles through electrical stimulation.
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves collagen production
  • Massages the buttocks to strengthen muscles
  • Promotes muscle movement for a lifting effect
  • Activates blood circulation
  • Maintains the elasticity of the skin
  • Specially designed to create a more curved buttock line by tightening the gluteal muscle fibers.
  • Promotes a shapely and larger buttocks
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