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Ceoerty™ AutoStream Pro: Smart Wireless Car Entertainment System, Compatible with Android Auto

Ceoerty™ AutoStream Pro: Smart Wireless Car Entertainment System, Compatible with Android Auto

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"Experience the revolution in car entertainment with the Ceoerty™ AutoStream Pro. Smart wireless technology compatible with Android Auto transforms every drive into a new journey of fun.

Discover Real Feedback from Our Users

John Smith, New York: "I've tried several in-car entertainment systems, but Ceoerty™ AutoStream Pro is undoubtedly the best. Its voice control feature is top-notch, really helping me stay focused while driving. Highly recommended for those who spend a lot of time in their car."

Luca Bianchi, Milano: "The compatibility of Ceoerty™ AutoStream Pro with Android Auto and CarPlay is incredible. I can use all my favorite apps without any problems. Plus, the sound quality is exceptional, truly changing my driving experience."

Cutting-Edge Integrated Technology

Play2video: An economical device designed for watching movies in the car, popular among car enthusiasts, bringing you an excellent satisfaction experience.

Smart Compatibility - Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto

Intelligent Recognition: Automatically recognizes your phone model, supports Android and Apple phones, ideal for family use.

Triple System, Easy Switching

Seamless Switching: Effortlessly switch between Android system, wireless CarPlay, and wireless Android Auto for a diverse entertainment experience.

Automatic Connection and Superior Performance

Efficient Connection: Dual-band Wi-Fi and dual-core processor eliminate lag, providing a smooth and stable real-time connection for a smoother gaming experience.

Perfect Integration with Your Car's Dashboard

Seamless Integration: Perfectly matches the original car control system, including voice control, steering wheel operation, touch screen, and knob controls.

Advanced Features

  • Voice Control: Integrated with Google Assistant, simple voice commands for operation, effectively improving driving safety.
  • Smart Navigation: Built-in applications like Google Maps and Waze for precise route guidance.
  • Seamless Communication: Supports answering calls and text messages, ensuring convenience and safety while driving.
  • Media Playback: Compatible with popular apps like Spotify, YouTube Music, Audible, adding fun to your journey.
  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with various car brands and models, some new models come pre-installed with Android Auto.

Explore More Customer Experiences

Max Müller, Berlin: "The seamless integration of Ceoerty™ AutoStream Pro into my car was impressive. Operation via the steering wheel and voice control is very smooth. It feels like I have a brand new car!"

Carlos Hernández, Barcelona: "I purchased Ceoerty™ AutoStream Pro for my daily commute, and I'm extremely satisfied. The navigation system is intuitive, and the switching between apps is very smooth. It's like having a personal assistant in the car.

Ceoerty™ Risk-Free Promise

We are confident in our Ceoerty™ products. If you are not satisfied, just contact us, and we will provide a full, worry-free refund. The adapter is suitable for all cars equipped with factory-wired CarPlay. If you encounter compatibility issues, contact us through our support email, and we will provide a satisfactory solution within 12 hours.

Ceoerty™ AutoStream Pro - Turn Every Drive into an Entertainment Experience!"


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