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Biancat™ VersaPout Color-Changing Lip Balm

Biancat™ VersaPout Color-Changing Lip Balm

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Biancat™ VersaPout Color-Changing Lip Balm Beauty & Health GL Peach + Orange

Biancat™ VersaPout Color-Changing Lip Balm

Regular price $19.97
Regular price $19.97 Sale price
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Embrace the Magic of Change with Biancat™ VersaPout Color-Changing Lip Balm—Hydrate, Transform, Dazzle.

Smiles that Speak Volumes: Our Customers' Testimonials

"I really love this Biancat VersaPout lip balm! It's like magic in a tube. I can't get over how it changes color to match my look and mood for the day. Plus, it's super hydrating, leaving my lips soft and smooth. No more chapped lips during those cold college winters."

Lily Portman, 29, Amarillo, Texas

"At my age, finding a product that moisturizes and softens while reducing lip wrinkles is like striking gold. Biancat VersaPout does exactly that! The color-changing feature adds a fun and youthful touch. I wear it every day now. It's my go-to lip product.”

 – Helen Collins, 42, Oxnard, California

Moisturize, Mesmerize, Personalize - A Revolution in Lip Care!

Discover the allure of Biancat™ VersaPout Color-Changing Lip Balm, a unique fusion of skincare and style. Our innovative formula combines the deep hydration of a moisturizing cream with the dynamic visual appeal of color-changing lipstick, offering a unique and captivating experience with every application.

Transcending conventional lip care, Biancat™ VersaPout luxuriates your lips with enduring moisture while offering a unique, personalized color palette that shifts to match your body chemistry. Experience the transformative enchantment and the radiant reflection of your individuality that our innovative balm so beautifully delivers.


✔️ Customized Color Changing: Our magic lipstick adjusts its shade based on the temperature and humidity of your lips. The result is a color that's as unique as your individual personal.

✔️ Long-lasting Moisture and Shine: Loaded with moisturizing ingredients, it effectively locks in hydration, ensuring that your lips remain moisturized and shiny throughout the day. Break free from the cycle of chapped and cracked lips.

✔️ Natural Nourishment for Smooth Lips: Infused with plant-derived ingredients, not only colorizes but also nourishes your lips. Experience the softness and the subtle reduction of lip wrinkles with regular use.

✔️ Health-friendly Formula: Our formula is safe for all skin types. Free from harsh chemicals, VersaPout is a healthy choice for your lips, promoting natural beauty while ensuring your wellness.

✔️ Ageless Elegance: Designed to suit all ages, the VersaPout can serve as an organic lip care solution, a lipstick base, and a thoughtful gift set.

Biancat™ VersaPout Color-Changing Lip Balm encapsulates the enchanting potential of transformation. Watch as your lips become a canvas for an art that's as dynamic and beautiful as you are with every application.


  • Net Weight: 3g
  • Variants: Peach, Orange

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  • Biancat™ VersaPout Color-Changing Lip Balm





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