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Biancat™ Ultra-Thin Brow Precision Pen

Biancat™ Ultra-Thin Brow Precision Pen

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Biancat™ Ultra-Thin Brow Precision Pen English JVKH

Biancat™ Ultra-Thin Brow Precision Pen

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
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With the Biancat™ Ultra-Thin Brow Precision Pen, achieving stunning, natural-looking, hair-like stroke brows is a breeze.

The pen's innovative triangle design takes versatility to new heights: utilize the broad side for impeccable shading, the flat edge for definitive tail sculpting, and the fine pointed end to create flawless sprout flicks that mirror the intricacy of natural hair. And to achieve that polished, seamless look? Don't forget to harmonize and blend with the integrated spoolie.

Built for all-day resilience, our waterproof and smudge-proof formula stands up to whatever the day throws at you, ensuring you remain confident from dawn to dusk. Plus, our pen's user-friendly design caters to both beauty novices and experts, promising salon-quality results in the comfort of your home.

Beyond brows, this multi-use marvel offers the precision required to subtly enhance your eye-line and hairline. Experience the beauty of versatility, precision, and lasting perfection with Biancat™ Ultra-Thin Brow Precision Pen.

Unmatched Features

✔️ Hyper-Realistic Strokes: Featuring a versatile triangle tip, our pen transitions from fine to bold with its 0.01 mm precision. Achieve hair-like strokes that seamlessly blend with natural brows, eliminating sparsity.

✔️ Innovative Triangle-Tip Design: Effortlessly achieve stunning, natural-looking brows with a tool designed for versatility. Use the broad side for mastering base shading, the flat edge for simple tail definition, and the pointed tip for precision sprout flicks.

✔️ Built for Precision: Enjoy spot-on filling and customizable definition, thanks to a formula designed to be built up or blended out, according to your unique brow needs.

✔️ Unshakeable Resilience: Rain or shine, gym or office—our waterproof, smudge-proof formula guarantees your brows will stay exactly where you want them.

✔️ Effortless Application: Zero skills? No problem. Our pen is designed for ease of use, making it ideal for both makeup novices and experts alike.

✔️ Beyond Brows: Discover versatility with a pen so fine, it can also be used to subtly define your eye-line and hairline.

How to Use:

  1. Start with clean, dry brows and comb them in their natural direction.
  2. Trace the contours of your brows and fill in sparse areas with hair-like strokes, working in the direction of natural hair growth.
  3. Gently brush through the brows to blend and create a natural transition.
  4. Enhance your eye-line or hairline subtly with the precision pen as needed.

Package Includes:

  • Biancat™ Ultra-Thin Brow Precision Pen

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