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Biancat™ QuadGlam 4 in 1 Makeup Pen

Biancat™ QuadGlam 4 in 1 Makeup Pen

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In a beauty world brimming with endless options, why not pick the one that brings it all? Meet your new BFF, the Biancat™ QuadGlam 4-in-1 Makeup Pen - beauty's best-kept secret for on-the-go glamour.

A fusion of functionality and style, QuadGlam is your handy makeup genie in a sleek pen. A simple twist of the QuadGlam pen gets you more of each shade. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to the effortless glam with our multi-talented QuadGlam pen. It packs a quartet of makeup essentials, each waiting to sprinkle some magic on your look:

  1. Intense Black Eye Liner: Think of it as your secret weapon for those power-packed eyes. Perfect for enhancing your gaze or crafting a winged wonders that's sharp enough to cut glass.
  2. Versatile Brown Brow Liner: This one's a crowd-pleaser. It's the go-to for brow magic, fitting all shades like a dream. And guess what? It moonlights as charming brown eyeliner too!
  3. Everyday Mauve Lip Liner: The chameleon of lip liners, this mauve marvel adapts to every skin tone, every mood, and every occasion. It's like the little black dress of your makeup collection.
  4. Pigmented White Highlighter: This light wizard is all about spotlighting your best features. Use it to brighten the inner corners of your eyes, elevate your brow bone, or give your nose that coveted sculpted look. Your secret to a 24/7 glow!

Why Choose the Biancat™ QuadGlam 4-in-1 Makeup Pen?

✔️ All-in-One Wonder: Imagine your makeup bag, minus the clutter. Eyeliner, brow liner, lip liner and highlighter. Touch-ups have never been so effortless.
✔️ Your Glam, Your Rules: Waterproof, sweat-proof, long-lasting. With QuadGlam, you're the queen of your beauty regime, all day, every day.
✔️ We Care, So You Glow: Our makeup is kind to every creature and gentle on your skin. It’s Vegan, Cruelty-free, and Paraben-free. Because beauty should never harm.
✔️ Swipe, Wipe, Repeat: Application is a breeze with QuadGlam. And when the day is done? So easy to remove, you'll be beauty-ready again in no time.
✔️ Glam-On-The-Go: Compact and easy to carry, it's the ultimate accessory for instant touch-ups, whether you're at the office, at the gym, or on a night out.
✔️ Perfect Precision: Whether you're defining your brows, lining your eyes, perfecting your pout, or highlighting your best features, QuadGlam will help you achieve the perfect look.
✔️ Quality You Can Trust: They're made to not just look good, but also nourish your skin. With QuadGlam, beauty is more than skin-deep.

How to Use:

  1. Decide your beauty move: eye lining, brow defining, lip contouring, or highlighting.
  2. Find the corresponding icon on your QuadGlam Pen - eye for eyeliner, brow for brow liner, lip for lip liner, and sparkle for highlighter.
  3. Give a click on the chosen shade. Voila, it's ready to amp up your look!
  4. Need more color or want a sharper line? Just twist the center of the pen.


  • Dimension: 5.87 x 0.87 x 0.83 inches
  • Net Weight: 0.32 g

Package Includes

  • Biancat™ QuadGlam 4 in 1 Makeup Pen





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