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Biancat™ BlearPlate LCD Car License Plate Frame

Biancat™ BlearPlate LCD Car License Plate Frame

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Introducing the Biancat™ BlearPlate - Now Available!!!

Your Ultimate Car Privacy Solution is Here!

Calling all car enthusiasts who value their privacy during auto exhibitions or off-road adventures! Look no further than the innovative BlurPlate Dual Kit, a revolutionary addition to the world of automotive accessories. Our Biancat™ BlearPlate LCD Car License Plate Frame has been expertly designed for those thrilling off-road trips and impressive auto show appearances, offering unparalleled privacy with just a simple click of a wireless remote. Don't wait, enhance your driving experience today with Biancat™ BlearPlate! 

Introducing the Biancat™ BlearPlate - Your Gateway to Instant Privacy Control

With our innovative product, you hold the power to protect your personal information. At the click of a wireless remote, the Biancat™ BlearPlate covers become opaque, effectively shielding your license plates from prying eyes and ensuring your privacy. 

Stay Undetected by Cameras - Whether it's Video or Photo

Regardless of video surveillance or bright flashes, the Biancat™ BlearPlate LCD Car License Plate Frame stands undefeated. Our product is designed to completely obscure your license plate details under any circumstances. Activate the BlearPlate with a simple click, and watch as your license plate disappears from view in just 0.3 seconds. When not in use, the BlearPlate remains undetectable, offering you privacy while seamlessly blending with your vehicle. 

Designed Specifically for Auto Shows and Off-Road Adventures

More than just a regular license plate cover, the Biancat™ BlearPlate LCD Car License Plate Frame caters to those who desire privacy in unique scenarios. Be it showcasing your car at an auto exhibition or embarking on an off-road journey, our product ensures your details stay hidden. 

Complete Double Kit for Comprehensive Coverage

The Biancat™ BlearPlate Dual Kit provides you with two fade-plates - one for the front and one for the rear, making it perfect for jurisdictions that mandate both front and rear license plates. Rest assured, you can adhere to local laws while maintaining your privacy. 

Enjoy Seamless Control with our Wireless Remote

Toggle effortlessly between privacy mode and normal display with our wireless remote control. It's quick, convenient, and hassle-free, putting you in total control. 

Experience Superior Quality and Durability

Crafted from top-tier materials, the Biancat™ BlearPlate LCD Car License Plate Frame offers effective plate concealment and exceptional durability for your off-road adventures. 

Simple and Easy Installation

No need for complex wiring or electrical work. Our frame simply plugs into any 12V accessory outlet and powers on with the switch of a wireless remote! 


Please note, this product is designed strictly for show-use and is not intended for use on public roads. By purchasing the Biancat™ BlearPlate LCD Car License Plate Frame, you acknowledge that we cannot be held responsible for any legal issues or liabilities arising from its use. Additionally, we will not be liable for any damage caused by improper installation of our product.

Elevate your privacy with the cutting-edge Biancat™ BlearPlate LCD Car License Plate Frame. Make the smart choice today and embrace peace of mind, both on and off the road. With Biancat™ BlearPlate, you can safeguard your privacy, protect what you love, and hit the road with confidence. Secure yours today!

Q & A

1、Are these license plate covers street legal?

Our license plate covers are designed for off-road use only. We highly recommend that buyers conduct their own research on local laws to determine if our covers can be used on public roads. Please note, by purchasing any aftermarket performance product, customers assume full responsibility for its use and potential misuse.

2、How does the Biancat™ BlearPlate function?

Our license plate covers leverage electrochromic glass technology. When an electric current is applied, the atoms in the glass become excited, instantly transforming the glass from translucent to opaque.

 3、Will I need to carry out any electrical work or wiring?

Absolutely not! Our license plate covers are designed for direct plug-and-play. Simply plug it into any 12V accessory outlet in your vehicle.

 4、How can I switch it on or off?

Each Biancat™ BlearPlate frame comes with a wireless remote, allowing you to effortlessly turn it on or off. Go incognito with just the click of a button!

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